Wok of Love

Wok of Love

It's a love story as hot as the oil in a wok that's boiling. On the other side of the street from the 6-star Hotel Giant is a small, run-down Chinese restaurant called Hungry Wok. Chil Seong, the owner of the restaurant, took it over in the beginning so that his former prison mates could get jobs there. One day, a man and a woman whose lives turned upside down overnight come to see Chil Seong. Seo Poong, a former celebrity chef, and Sae Woo, a broke heiress, need Chil Seong's help to get back on their feet. Tune in to Wok of Love to find out about the love and passion that can be found in a busy place like a kitchen.
Released: 2018-05-07
Genre: Drama
Duration: 35 min
Country: South Korea
Production: SM Culture & Contents

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